Bartie is an e-commerce app for buying and selling used women's pants. Conceived because all e-commerce sites, not just shopping sites for used pants, fail to disclose measurements relating to inseam, hip width, waist width, and rise, instead using "large", "small" and "medium", the sizing of which can vary wildly from brand to brand.
Bartie provides instructions for users to find and enter their measurements in the app. It then matches users with pairs of pants with the entered measurements.
Users can also filter pants by color and price, and can search desired brands.
  The latest prototype was built using Adobe XD.
Bartie was conceived via a series of rough sketches, with particular attention paid to how to best instruct users on measuring themselves. Inspiration was drawn from the popular subreddit r/abrathatfits, a subreddit that helps people measure themselves for bras, as they are often poorly fitting and uncomfortable.
In later iterations for the mobile app, these instructions would be shortened and scrollable. In the future, the accompanying graphics will be animated to show the positions and actions of the measurement-taker.
Pants shopping is exhausting. Bartie is designed to be pleasant to look at and easy to use, to appeal users who feel intimidated by shopping in store, but who want to be as sure as possible that they are buying a product that is tailored and affordable. Bartie's opening for new users (currently being designed, along with its user registration and login process) attempts to inform users early-on that shopping with Bartie will be considerably less painful than in-person shopping.
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