Note: I've found this program works best using the Google Chrome browser with the browser microphone enabled. 
The Digital Pronunciation Helper (or Hard-to-Pronounce Word Practicer) is a p5.js javascript-based program that uses the Ability Lab's Speech Recognition and Synthesis library to help users practice hard-to-pronounce words. Simply say the word that appears on the front page, and watch as the words (if pronounced correctly) appear with images, definitions, and phonetic spelling. 
A funny story about this project: I was finishing writing this program and for some reason, could not get the word 'anemone' to appear. After about an hour of pleading with my computer, I realized that I . was pronouncing 'anemone' as 'amenome', and it was me, not my computer, who was wrong. The word 'anemone' and its correct pronunciation are now burned into my brain.
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