In June 2021, I was tasked by company X to create an mobile app fund transfer user flow, based on some preliminary designs by the company. The company's instructions clarified that they were looking for creative approaches to make the app's approach to fund transfers more creative and intuitive.
Preliminary user research led me to find that there common pain points for in-app fund transfer functions in apps like Venmo and PayMe are anxiety about transferring the wrong amount of money and/or transferring money to the wrong person or account.

Preliminary notes on potential improvements to the flow

Notes from interviews with users of PayMe and Venmo, apps similar to that of Company X's

As a result, I created a function that allows users to cancel their withdrawal (with a timer set for 30 seconds, after which their withdrawal will go through) in case the users make an error in the withdrawal command and need to fix it.
I also added a function that allows users to easily convert currency in the withdrawal function, as users of Company X's app were likely to be transferring money to accounts in multiple countries.
The full flow can be tested here:

Feedback from Company X indicated they would like to see some iteration of the aesthetics of the application on just one or two artboards. To my excitement, they requested that I put my personal touch on the application as a designer. I was more than happy to--it's not every day I get to play around so much in the design space.
Per their request, I work on two discreet actions: Cancel Withdrawal, and Amount Input. In both interactions, I wanted to give the user a more tactile experience when inputting information, so I focused on giving the UI a sense of depth on the screen. I didn't want the screens to look crowded or confusing, so I stuck with a white background and light color palette. My favorite bit was designing icons under the "Make another transaction" header to have a bit more reference to the actions they were referring to, and Company X as a brand.
These two, shorter functions, can be tested at these two links:

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