The Future of Podcast
Based out of New York University's Tandon School of Engineering, The Future Of looks at emerging technological innovation and research via interviews with NYU Tandon faculty and students.
Besides recording and hosting the show, I was also in charge of conceptualizing the branding and tone of the show, and determining how it should be marketed to potential listeners.
The podcast came about as an effort to provide an additional outlet for Tandon-related news. The NYU Tandon School of Engineering is relatively new institution, in name at least. Before its acquisition by NYU in 2014 and its renaming in 2015, the school was known as the Polytechnic Institute of New York. There has been an ongoing effort at the school of rebrand, establishing Tandon as a well-known branch of NYU, as well as a world-class institution of engineering education and scientific research. "The Future Of" podcast functioned asĀ  another outlet to share the achievements of students, researchers, and academics at Tandon with the public; specifically, prospective and incoming students, as well as researchers and academics in their 20s and 30s.
With input from the NYU Tandon Marketing & Communications, I designed the logos, banners, and promotional content and strategized the distribution of promotional content on social media for the show with that audience in mind.

The color scheme for the show's visual branding

Microphone image with NYU's torch logo, used on banners, logos and gifs.

A gif of the show's wide-screen logo, used on Twitter and Facebook campaigns. Made in Adobe AfterEffects.

A promotional gif used on Twitter and Facebook Campaigns. Made in Adobe AfterEffects.

An early logo for the show, made by NYU Tandon Marketing and Communications' Leah Lee